USO South Texas And Valero “Reel It In For Kids”

Texas Aquarium FREE Tickets

Tickets may be picked up onboard NAS Corpus Christi at the USO South Texas Office with valid Military ID.
Office hours are Monday – Thursday, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. Tickets may be reserved by calling 361-961-2391 or emailing


The USO South Texas Board of Directors controls the complimentary ticket policies for all entertainment events. The Executive Director coordinates the accounting and distribution of all complimentary tickets and ensures that everyone receiving complimentary tickets is eligible and understands the rules and regulations of USO South Texas and Valero.

When appropriately distributed, complimentary tickets are an excellent public relations tool and benefit to our military men and women. However, misuse can result in extensive loss of sponsors, as well as administrative and USO Inc., sanctions. Therefore, departmental staff must be knowledgeable of all constraints placed on the distribution of complimentary tickets. The transfer or resale of complimentary tickets is prohibited. Complimentary tickets are distributed by the USO South Texas Office and must be signed for by the recipients.

The funds for this program were given by the Valero “Reel it in for Kids” event.  All proceeds are therefore to be used for dependent children (ages 3 – 12) of Active Duty Military Members.  In general, only those persons who are on Active Duty and have dependents are the primary focus to receive complimentary tickets to the Texas State Aquarium.  However, certain groups, such as veterans and reservists, with dependents, are authorized to receive tickets after the primary group has been afforded an opportunity to take advantage of the program.   The parent or guardian receiving these tickets for any minor must present identification to the person supervising the distribution of the tickets at the time of pick up and must sign for the said tickets.  They shall show a clear intent that the passes being provided to them are for the use of military dependents in their care only (not to be used for friends and family not eligible to receive or that do not fall under the descriptions listed above) and list the names of the dependents receiving said tickets.   The individual must present a valid Military ID and then will be provided with one Adult ticket (ages 13+) and up to 3 Child tickets (ages 3 – 12) for their dependents.

  • 12/04/17 – 12/07/17: E-4 & Below (With Dependents)
  • 12/11/17 – 12/14/17: E-6 & Below (With Dependents) and O-2 & Below (With Dependents)
  • 12/18/17 – 12/21/17: All Active Duty Military (With Dependents)
  • 12/28/17: All Active Duty, Retirees, & Reservists (With Dependents) and Waitlist               

NOTE:  USO South Texas does not wish to leave out our service members without dependents, but due to the nature of this event and its purpose (military children) we must ensure that tickets are distributed in a manner that adheres to this focus.